A 2 hour endurance race on the Revival Saturday evening, 29th July, from approximately 18:30. The start will be Lemans style with cars lined up along the side of the main straight. Each team will have a runner standing on the opposite side of the track. After a ten second countdown, on the warble a designated runner will run across to the car and turn it onto its wheels and then the driver may get underway. The winner of the race will be the team who have completed the most laps during the race’s duration.

Endurance Teams

  • Minimum of 3 drivers per team
  • Maximum of 5 drivers per team
  • Maximum of 13 teams

Endurance Entry Fee

  • £12 per team, to be paid online when booking in opens.

Endurance Open Class:

  • Any eligible 2WD Buggy from the Revival 2WD racing
  • No restrictions

Endurance Mad Bull Class:

  • Tamiya Mad Bull, model 58205
  • Control Motor: HPI Firebolt 15 Turn Brushed
  • Any ESC
  • Metal Bearings may be installed
  • Kit Tyre or Tamiya 54604 Spiked Tyre
  • No other modifications from stock build

Endurance General Rules:

  • No fully complete cars as backup.
  • Cars may be stripped into complete corners, complete gear boxes, completed front bulkheads etc.
  • Spares must be presented to scrutineers before the race to deem legality
  • One car per team.
  • The car that starts the race must be the one that completes the race
  • Battery changes and car repairs only done in pit lane on table under race control
  • ESC electronic speed controllers only.
  • No mechanical speed controllers.
  • Teams must have one marshal at all times on their point even if the team car is not circulating.
  • Marshals must marshal their area efficiently, no favouritism.
  • Bad marshalling will receive a penalty for the team
  • Cars can only be driven from the rostrum, by a team member
  • Drivers must be courteous and drive to their abilities.
  • Penalties will be issued for take outs, corner cutting and intentionally holding up other drivers.
  • Contact with other cars should be avoided at all times
  • All members of the team must drive at least once
  • Only team members may work on the cars. (helping out another team is fine!)